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Thesiad is a story-driven RPG that merges Choose-Your-Own-Adventure text events with old school action RPG combat. This is an early demo/prototype that consists of the core gameplay without the final art/sound assets and polish. This game ultimately seeks to achieve the following:

1. Present the story of Theseus in a way that is faithful to the primary source texts.

2. Allow the player to make meaningful decisions and change the story of Theseus' journey to Athens.

The gameplay consists of three parts:

1. Overworld: Explore towns while traveling to Athens.

2. Text Events: Make meaningful decisions and see historical illustrations.

3. Battle: Real-time combat against a variety of opponents.

The demo consists of the first town, Troezen. Other locations are currently in development. With feedback, testing, and support, I hope to finish the other locations by the end of the year and then start improving the graphics, sound, and core mechanics until it is ready for a commercial release.

Credits will be added in complete versions of the game, but needless to say I am very thankful for everyone who has provided their feedback and support. Special thanks also to the people who have selflessly created GMS 2 tutorials and sample code (Benjamin Anderson, Beyond Us Games,  and Noobs We Stand, especially), and to the ancient authors and scribes who wrote down and preserved the stories depicted in this game.

Install instructions

Extract ZIP file, run executable.

WASDF to move on overworld map and in battle.

12345 serve as  dialogue-choice shortcuts.

Escape Key to open menu/inventory in the overworld map and in battle.

Left mouse button to use first selected attack, right mouse button to use second selected attack.

You have 3 time units to spend in Troezen. When you run out of time, you leave for Epidauros. Demo ends after short closing vignettes. 


Thesiad.zip 146 MB

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